You Belong Here - Laurie Steed
(Profile by Emily Sun)

The novel spans three generations, and is written in a tone and at a pace that allows for the reader to deeply contemplate the ways in which humans love and hurt each other. Unlike many other novels I’ve read, this one is set in a Perth that is recognisable to me.

The Long and Short of You Belong Here – The Gentle, Exhausting Art of Adapting a Short Story Collection into a Novel

Once, I was a short story writer. I know this because I was respected among my peers but not at all popular. When people would meet me, they’d say, ‘Ah, Steed…like The Avengers,’ which is a show created more than 50 years ago.

2, 2 and 2: Laurie Steed Talks about You Belong Here

Laurie Steed is a Western Australian writer I have long admired for his excellent short fiction, so it was exciting to hear that a book was on its way—and surprising to hear that it was a novel.

KYD Podcast: Laurie Steed’s You Belong Here

You Belong Here is the first novel from Laurie Steed, which follows the Slater family through marriage, divorce and its aftermath in Perth – three decades of one family coming together and pushing each other away. On a recent trip to Melbourne we cornered him to ask a few questions about writing Perth’s suburbs, characters with debatable taste in music, and returning home...

Meet Laurie Steed, author of ‘You Belong Here’

Laurie is a true writing soul – a person who believes, utterly, in the importance of words, and their capacity to carry beauty and significance, in even the most minor interactions...

Divorce in Decline as Couples Work to Stay Together (PAYWALL, The Australian)

It was 1986 when Laurie Steed’s parents divorced. At the time, the news felt like a bullet directed at his nine-year-old self. Later, he came to think of it more as a bomb, with each member of his family scarred by the shrapnel...

You Belong Here: a New Novel by Local Author Laurie Steed

You Belong Here tells the story of Jen and Steven Slater, and their three children, each who deal with life and loss in their own ways…it is also the first novel published from award-winning local author Laurie Steed...