The Dos and Don'ts of Workshop Etiquette

The Emerging Writer.jpg

The Emerging Writer is due to launch at The 2013 Emerging Writers Festival. For those not in the know, The Emerging Writer is an insider's guide to the craft, philosophy and politics of being a writer. Whether you're facing your first blank page or negotiating a publishing contract, this book is full of indispensable advice for any emerging writer hoping to turn their seedling of an idea into a mighty tree.  

I first contributed to Volume 2 of the then named Reader in 2011 with a piece on writing and editing. This time around I talk workshop etiquette by request from issue editor and all around nice guy Andre Dao. This year's edition  is universally strong, with Charlotte Wood, Penni Russon, Shaun Tan, Alice Pung, Zoe Dattner, and many other great writers and editors contributing alongside me.

Up until the festival begins on May 24th, you can pre-order The Emerging Writer  the at the EWF website, and if you take up this offer, you'll also receive a free copy of the The Reader Volume 2 as well.  If you're attending the festival, you can also buy a copy there. Either way you're a winner.  

For those living in Melbourne, the book launches April 30th. More details can be found here. it's safe to say all are welcome and it should be a great night.  In the meantime I hope to see some of you either at the festival, or by all means get in touch with me to discuss redrafting, workshops and the writer's journey.