Laurie and Brody
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In addition to being a published, Award-winning author and editor, I am available to:

  • assess your novel, short story, or short story collection

  • consult on an hour-by-hour basis on any queries relating to writing, publishing and the publishing industry

  • give you guidance and motivation over a three or six month mentorship

  • judge your short story competition

  • run a writing workshop for your organisation, library, or university on any number of subjects

  • teach, mark or tutor your tertiary writing program at an Undergraduate or Post Graduate Level.

    Writing is a solitary business, for the most part. And yet, it’s often in collaboration that we take the next steps as writers. In my own experience, I’ve learned the most when working with a writer who is at the level I want to be at, rather than the one I feel I’m currently on. In this respect, my goal is always to empower my students and clients to expect only the best from themselves and their writing.



If you’d like to work together, let me know the specifics of your project below. I look forward to working with you, and thanks for your interest in my services.