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In addition to being a published author and editor, I am available to:

  • assess your novel, short story, or short story collection

  • consult on an hour-by-hour basis on any queries relating to writing, publishing and the publishing industry

  • give you guidance and motivation over a three or six month mentorship

  • judge your short story competition

  • run a writing workshop for your organisation, library, or university on any number of subjects

  • teach, mark or tutor your tertiary writing program at an Undergraduate or Post Graduate Level.

    Writing is a solitary business, for the most part. And yet, it’s often in collaboration that we take the next steps as writers. In my own experience, I’ve learned the most when working with a writer who is at the level I want to be at, rather than the one I feel I’m currently on. In this respect, my goal is always to empower my students and clients to expect only the best from themselves and their writing.




‘Laurie’s greatest gift is his ability to help others believe in themselves as writers. His feedback on my manuscript was gentle on the ego and facilitated skill-building, meaning I walked away feeling confident in myself, my manuscript, and my ability to avoid repeating the same mistakes in future work. He has been incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. A true mentor.’

- Ashleigh Hardcastle


’There is something very special about Laurie Steed. He knows exactly the right question to ask of a writer, and when to ask it. Never have I had to think so deeply about my craft, and never have I felt more satisfied by it. I wish that all writers could have the chance to work with Laurie Steed at some point in their careers. I cannot recommend his services more highly.’

- Cassie Hamer, Author, After the Party


‘If you’re a writer looking to take your work to the next level, you’re in luck – Laurie is an incredible editor and mentor. Over the years, Laurie’s insightful and considered feedback has deepened my understanding of the craft of writing, and has helped me think more critically about my own artistic goals and concerns. Laurie also has ample experience judging creative writing competitions, so he’s able to offer you insights into how to make your work stand out. Just as importantly, Laurie has been an incredible champion of my own (and other emerging writers’) work. This encouragement has buoyed me throughout the ups and downs of the writing life. I highly recommend his services.’  

- Magdalena McGuire - Author, Home is Nearby

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you are working, you must exit your hobbit hole and get professional advice.

If you have a manuscript in the bottom drawer that needs something – but you’re not sure what – I urge you to get in touch with Laurie Steed.

Emma Young, Author, The Last Bookstore



‘Laurie knows short stories like no other. A generous teacher and skilled narrative surgeon, unpicking all elements of story: intuiting what works, what doesn’t; where the narrative arc fails or a character’s motivation jars. He turned a ‘not-quite-there-yet’ story of mine into a publishable piece for Westerly magazine. I can’t recommend him or his inspirational master classes enough.

Bindy Pritchard, Author, Fabulous Lives

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Laurie Steed brings the perfect combo to his online short story clinics: a fun and nurturing space in which creativity can flourish, and the kind of forensic, expert eye that's necessary to take the next step as a writer. I'd highly recommend any of Laurie's courses. 

- Wayne Marshall, Author, Shirl

If you’d like to work together, let me know the specifics of your project below. I look forward to working with you, and thanks for your interest in my services.